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The Peak Oxygen Advantage

What Sets Us Apart

Our goal is to provide industry leading oxygen equipment and support for our patients. At Peak Oxygen we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to maintain their active lifestyle and we are passionate about finding the best solution for you and your family.

Industry Leading Equipment

Our oxygen concentrators come in all shapes and sizes so as to best suit your lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a smaller and more portable solution, specific dose settings, or long battery life. Peak Oxygen is commited to finding the perfect solution for you!
Oxygen tanks are also offered if a suitable concentrator cannot be found.


If you or your family has any concerns with the functionality of your equipment, Peak Oxygen is here for you.
Simply call us at 587-747-7699.
Whether it's during the day or in the middle of the night, we're here to help.

Travel Assistance & Home Visits

Need us to come to you? No problem! We strive to provide the highest quality care to patients in Calgary, High River, Okotoks, and Strathmore.
It's also our mission to continue improving the availability of oxygen therapy in rural areas. The scenery on the drive out is also an added bonus!
Travelling? No problem, our care team will help you get to your global destinations safely and coordinate oxygen for your travels

Battery Life Guarantee

Regardless of the kind of oxygen concentrator you’re set up with, we guarantee at least 3 hours of battery life between charges with many of our concentrators lasting up to 9 hours!

Why Oxygen Concentrators?

These are the main differences between oxygen concentrators and oxygen tanks.
Ultimately, what will work best for a patient is determined on a case-by-case basis after an initial consultation. However, if preserving an active lifestyle is a high priority, then we at Peak Oxygen believe oxygen concentrators are worth serious consideration.
Call or email us today for more information and a free consultation.

Oxygen concentrators only need a powerr source and rely on the surrounding air to provide a constant supply of O2.
Oxygen tanks are filled with a predetermined amount of O2. Once this amount runs out, the tank would have to be refilled.
Oxygen concentrators create O2 on an ongoing and as-needed basis. Eliminating the possibility of leaks.
Oxygen tanks utilize compressed air, which may leak if the tank is compromised. Leaking oxygen poses a serious fire hazard.
Oxygen concentrators weigh anywhere from 2-5 pounds depending on the model.
Oxygen tanks, due to their heavy metal casing, can weigh anywhere from 2-8 pounds depending on their size.
Oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen through a pulse dose as a patient takes each breath.
Oxygen tanks deliver a continuous flow of oxygen, which may be necessary for patients with higher oxygen requirements.
Oxygen concentrators come with a shoulder bag that is designed to be portable and convenient while active.
Oxygen tanks, depending on their size, come with either a shoulder bag or a wheel cart.

Our Products

Peak Oxygen is proud to offer industry leading oxygen concentrators. All our concentrators come with double batteries to maximize your oxygen benefits.

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Inogen One G3 Extended

The Inogen One G3 concentrator provides up to 10 hours of battery life, 5 pulse settings, and weighs only 5.8 pounds!

Inogen G4 Extended

Only 3.5 pounds, with 3 flow settings, and up to 6 hours of battery life, the Inogen One G4 is one of the lightest, smallest, and quietest units available.


The SimplyGo offers 6 pulse settings, 1-3 hours of battery life, and a continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery and weighs only 10 pounds.

SimplyGo Mini

The SimplyGo mini has 5 pulse settings, weighs 6 pounds, and offers up to 9 hours of battery life.

Inogen One G5

With up to 13 hours of battery life, 6 flow settings, and a weight of only 4.7 pounds, the Inogen One G5 has a longer battery life and the highest oxygen output per pound than traditional concentrators.

Caire Freestyle Comfort

Caire Freestyle Comfort is 5 pounds, with up to 8 hours of battery life, and offers 5 pulse settings.

What People Are Saying

I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from Peak Oxygen. If I have had any problems they have always come in a timely manner to help me out. I’ve recommended Peak Oxygen to my friends and one of them has moved over to them. I’d recommend them to anyone. Leonard, Peak Oxygen Patient
We’re very pleased with the service that we have received from Peak Oxygen. Every time we call the Peak Oxygen line we are able to speak to someone very fast. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to use something other than tanks. Once again, we are very pleased. Wife of Peak Oxygen Patient
I’ve been with peak oxygen for couple of years now and they are there for you. When you call and need to address some concerns they are there right away. My experience with them has been absolutely amazing. Daniel K.
All my dealings with Peak Oxygen I have been amazed at the service I have received. All the staff have been very positive and helpful. Peak Oxygen has state of the art equipment. Allan T.
No one ever likes to need Oxygen but if you do, then Peak Oxygen makes the whole process easy. The staff at Peak, both the people in the office and those out delivering equipment and doing assessments, have been helpful, competent, very professional and, most importantly, always understanding, kind and personable. Peak Oxygen uses modern, quality, well-maintained equipment and have always been so helpful to give me equipment for a specific occasion. I was going away for a weekend and without hesitation, they brought a different piece of equipment that would make the travel easy. One time I simply needed extra tubing and they went out of their way to deliver it. They make sure you have whatever you need to be as comfortable as possible and I feel like they have my best interests at heart. The people at Peak Oxygen are a pleasure to work with.Nora D.
Great. Always there on time to deliver. People are friendly. Since we are seniors and since husband got approved for funding, everything has been manageable for us. Very recommendable. Melina P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oxygen is the life-supporting chemical element that constitutes 21% of our air. The other 79% is mostly nitrogen. Our bodies use oxygen to create energy. As we breathe, our lungs move the air into our blood stream. Then, oxygen moves from your bloodstream into your tissues to create energy. Oxygen therapy is supplemental oxygen given to increase one’s overall oxygen available in your blood.
Your oxygen needs are dependent on your health condition. You may only need oxygen temporarily if you are getting over a chest infection or flu. Otherwise, you may need to be on oxygen indefinitely depending on the nature of your medical condition. Your physician will provide you with the most accurate prediction of your oxygen needs.
Your prescription indicates when you need to be on oxygen. Some patients need to be on oxygen 24/7, and other may only need it during certain times of the day or activities. Ensure you use your oxygen as prescribed to improve your quality of life. Generally, oxygen therapy is considered supplemental, and should NOT be considered life supporting or life sustaining.
Oxygen is considered a drug as it requires medical supervision by a physician or medical staff that are a part of your care team. Supervision by our Respiratory Therapists simply allows for adjustments to be made if your symptoms worsen. Improper oxygen use poses risks, as our bodies do not reserve oxygen. Oxygen remains in your bloodstream for one full cycle of your circulatory system, which is roughly 20 minutes. Removing oxygen for 20 minutes, returns your bloodstream to its baseline of oxygen content. This mean Oxygen is NOT ADDICTIVE.
If you have developed chronic lung disease or acquired a lung infection, your lungs may not be able to efficiently pull the needed oxygen out of the air and into your bloodstream. Patients with damaged lungs need supplemental oxygen in a higher concentration (more than 21%) to ensure adequate oxygen content in your bloodstream. A low concentration of oxygen in your body can cause numerous health effects including fatigue and shortness of breath. Supplemental oxygen reduces these symptoms. Some benefits include, improved quality of life, memory, mood and a decreased risk of heart failure or stroke.
The difference between continuous flow and pulse dose flow is the way in which oxygen is delivered. Pulse dose oxygen delivery is based on your breathing and inhaling, which provides customized oxygen delivery that adapts to your breath rate. Alternatively, continuous flow delivers oxygen at a constant rate regardless of your breathing.

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